LeftShark Rules

Breaking these rules may result in you being banned or warned

 General Rules

  1. Obey NLR (New Life Rule). Dont go back to where you died to get revenge.
  2. No propblocking.
  3. Do NOT no collide your car, it will be removed
  4. You CANNOT carjack emergency vehicles
  5. No RDMing (Randomly Deathmatching or randomly killing someone)
  6. Never enforce rules by killing. Call a staff member and we will take care of it.
  7. Do not kill, mug, raid, kidnap, build or do any other RP related actions in spawn.
  8. Do not argue with a staff member.
  9. Respect fellow players and staff members.
  10. Use common sense.
  11. Do not expect an admin to take any action for any situation without substantial proof.
  12. Do not tell players false rules.
  13. Do not impersonate any players or staff members.
  14. English only.
  15. Do not avoid a punishment.
  16. Do not hack or use exploits.
  17. Forcing any religious symbols apon the community is a banable offence!
  18. Do not spray inappropriate sprays.
  19. Do not use ooc for roleplaying. Use /advert instead.
  20. Do not build in another players base without their permission.
  21. Do not self-supply.
  22. Do not spam your camera.
  23. Do not advertise for servers, youtube channels, or websites.
  24. No prop climbing or prop surfing.
  25. No Micspaming (unless DJ [has to be actual music])
  26. No hacking / exploiting.
  27. Do not pretend to be an admin. This will result in an instant ban or warning.
  28. Do not job abuse. (Ex. Being a Gang member then switching to gun dealer for self-supply).
  29. Be nice to other players (especially if they are new)
  30. Be calm during an admin sit. Do not freak out or yell over admins when talking.
  31. Dont evade punishment by disconnecting after doing something. Will result in a 1 week ban.
  32. Do not body block ( block doors or entrances with your player )
  33. Do not scam or steal money from other players making deals (ex. stealing the money from a gun dealer during a tradeoff).
  34. No killing in spawn.
  35. RP can continue into spawn unless you have just respawned.

 Job Rules

  1. Do not RDA as a Swat / Police Officer/ or any other law enforcement job.
  2. Law inforcement may not own building (ex. buying another place and calling a PD base.)
  3. Wars must be between two groups. Members in those groups must have some sort of RP connection ( no random wars with random players ). It must be organized and agreed upon
  4. Wars must be done in the warzone ( industrial ).
  5. All members must follow their leader (Dark Wraith leads anti christs, mob boss leads gangsters, etc.)
  6. You may not declare war on any emergency personell
  7. You may not steal or carjack ANY emergency vehicles
  8. Do not self-supply as a gun dealer.
  9. No Job abuse. (changing your custom title to a different job when you are one)
  10. Do not drop guns from a different job and store them in your inventory.
  11. Raids should be timed in 10-15 minute intervals. Do not raid right after another raid has just occurred or been committed at the same base.
  12. As a Rapist / Pedobear do not use the rape swep in open areas. Do this only in dark areas. You do not need to advert rape
  13. Do not play horrible music as a DJ (Distorted or horrible quality)
  14. Mayors cannot make laws that go against the MOTD or restrict players from leaving their homes, or forcing them to stay somewhere.
  15. No RDA, RDM, KOS, or "respect" laws (or any other dumbass laws)
  16. AOS laws ONLY apply to the PD
  17. Do not initiate random lockdowns as a Mayor. Give probable or actual reason to why it was caused (ex. massive raid, wars, etc.).
  18. Grim reapers can only kill with their sword. No guns or any other weapon
  19. As an assassin do not constantly accept hits on one person. Time them in 5 min intervals.
  20. Do not constantly annoy someone for hits as a hitman / assassin. This will get you banned very quickly
  21. As a Nazi you cannot kill just because of a stupid reason (ex. If someone's a jew, etc.)
  22. Grim reapers are KOS but they can RDM anywhere EXEPT spawn and only with their sword.
  23. If you die during a raid (including the people protecting the base) you cannot come back until the raid is over.
  24. You can only mug for a maximum of $1000
  25. You can only raid the same person every 15 mins.
  26. You can only carjack every 10 minutes.
  27. You can only kidnap every 10 minutes.
  28. You must advert carjack before stealing a car.
  29. You must advert kidnap and include what the restrictions are(ex. /advert Kidnap your hands are tied together and you are gagged.)
  30. You can only hold someone for a maximum of 10 minutes. Otherwise you must let them go or kill them.
  31. You can only carjack every 10 minutes.
  32. If you kidnap or mug someone while they have a weapon out they can attempt to kill you.
  33. Dogs / grim reaper / cats CANNOT own cars.

 Building Rules

  1. You are not allowed to block off any tunnels or districts. Even if you own all the doors.
  2. You must own every door in the building(s) you are basing in.
  3. If you are building you can put a building sign up so nobody can raid and kill you in your base.
  4. Building signs must be in obvious places.
  5. You are not allowed to have a building sign up if you have raidables such as (guns, printers, etc.)
  6. You are not allowed to have a building sign up if you are not building or if you are not at your base.
  7. There must be at least one entrance to your base.
  8. You can have a maximum of 4 faiding doors in a house.
  9. You must have enough room between each faiding door to fit one player.
  10. You are not allowed to have a Killbox. (Killbox - Where the players in the base can shoot the intruder, but the intruder cannot shoot them.)
  11. You CAN have a blackout base. As long as they can shoot back at you.
  12. A player should not have to crouch to get into your base.
  13. You must have one keypad/button on each side of a fading door that is within sight of the faiding door.
  14. Your fading door must open for a minimum of 3 seconds.
  15. Up to 15 one-way props are allowed per base. No exceptions.

 Boombox / DJ Rules

  1. The Dj and only the Dj may have the boombox.
  2. Other players that are not Dj may not pick up or STEAL the boombox even though it may not be attended.
  3. Songs may be requested and be played by the Dj but no one else.
  4. Absolutly NO ear rape playing the BoomBox.
  5. The BoomBox may not be purchased from a Dj.
  6. The BoomBox may be left alone but must be in a stand or something ( not left in the street ).
  7. The BoomBox may be prop blocked.
  8. The only way obtaining the BoomBox is being a DJ and buying it.
  9. DJ can be KOS if following people while playing music. You must warn the DJ beforehand.
  10. Dj may base to make a club for music.
  11. People can request songs but only if it is not ear rape.
  12. Dj May have weapons ONLY to defend them self from raids ( etc )
  13. DJ cannot raid, mug, kidnap, or base with other people.
  14. DJ's may not have any entities except for the BoomBox ( no printers, etc. )

 Roleplaying Situations

  1. When being mugged, unless you have a gun out, you must follow through the situation with FearRP
  2. When police officers pull you over, you must pull over. You can only run after they have walked up to your window
  3. Value your own life (ex: you cannot just tell someone to shoot you in the face, unless glitched or something)
  4. Cops and SWAT must have a valid reason for requesting a warrant.
  5. Cops and Mayors cannot base, own printers or possess drugs. SWAT, paramedics, and firefighters may have their own stations that are NOT in the public.
  6. The mayor cannot post un-realistic laws or post laws that interfere with the default laws.
  7. The mayor cannot make a player or group of players KOS. Making a law or enforcing a law like this is not allowed.
  8. No random arresting or stun sticking.
  9. NLR applies to the PD (for ex. If PD is being raided the cops are NOT allowed to come back)
  10. Do not tell a player a law that does not exist.
  11. If you die all warrants you knew about in your prior life are gone.
  12. Cops and swat must enforce the default laws if there is no mayor.

 Forum Rules

  1. Do not talk about any sort of Staff Application in game or on the forums(Will result in instant ban)
  2. Do not spam the forums about something or someone.
  3. Treat other forum topics with respect (yes people can have different opinions.)
  4. Do not be racist
  5. Keep the swearing to a minimal.
  6. Topics go in their dedicated Sub-thread.
  7. Don't trashpost
  8. Do not flame or protest against any thing or one. If you have a problem, present it to our forum staff
  9. Don't make pointless threads to get your thread count up
  10. Don't ask for upvotes or for your application to be accepted, it won't
  11. Humor is allowed, but you must stop if it offends someone.
  12. Put all your flaming in the flame section
  13. When replying, give logical feedback about their application. "Hey are we gonna hang today?" does not critique their application at all and will be removed and you will be warned

 Admin Rules

  1. Do not randomly ban / kick / warn someone without valid purpose. (ex. Just because they raided you and won does not mean you can ban them.)
  2. Be respectful to the players and other staff members.
  3. Do not job abuse (ex. Using noclip while not in an administrative job.)
  4. Help other players when requested.
  5. Remain calm and talk with the involved parties / players during a sit.
  6. Do not just give players free weapons / money.
  7. Be active if you are a staff member. At least try to join the server once every 2 days.
  8. Be active on the forums.
  9. When banning, leave a legitiment reason. "Dumb faggot" won't tell me what the person did and your ban powers will be revoked
  10. When kicking, leave a legitiment reason. Remember that the reasons advert to the chatbox. This goes with the rule above.
  11. Arguing with other staff members over power, superiority, or anything else will get you both demoted.
  12. While nobody can force you to do much. If another staff member asks you of something, please be curteous and just do it.
  13. If a staff member needs help in a sit, go to them.
  14. Every admin is equal, don't try to overtake sits.
  15. Teleporting to other admins is ok in RP as long as it is for a sit or to help the admin (don't teleport for stupid reasons, your powers will get revoked)

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